Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils
Excerpts From The Book







“Allah’s is the Sovereignty of the heavens
and the earth, and all that is between,
and unto Him is the journeying.”

The Holy Qur’an, (Surat’ul Maida, 5: 18)

On the road that leads to the Beloved
Every stone is made of gold.
Every step we take brings knowledge to us.
Even what appears to be a mistake, or an error,
Can bring us closer to purity and truth.
Every good intention, thought and action
Guides the soul toward the Goal.
Every true word that is heard,
Every understanding received,
Every challenge met,
Every station, by God’s Grace, attained
Leads the traveler
Through the labyrinth
Of steps and tests
Surely, to the One
Who has left, at every turn in the Road,
Signs of His Existence,
Clear signs showing the Way
That leads to Him.


Not only do our successes show us the way,
But even more deeply, our apparent failures
Those moments in our journey

When we are most deeply humbled
And realize our limitations,
Realizing that every step we take
Is not due to our own power or will,
But occurs by the Grace of God.

The journey that leads to the Beloved
Is guided by His Love.
The traveler is like a leaf
Blown in the wind of the Divine Will.
I was blown from one place to the next
Then, carried to another place, and on and on.
Thus was I guided, without doubt,
And witnessed on every mountain path
And in every valley, in every city,
on every street,
The signs that He unveiled before my eyes,
Signs of His Love, His Power, and His Truth,
The signposts clearly delineating His path,
That the Beloved, enabled me to see.


I was guided in my journey
To see and love deeply
Lands and people of great beauty
That, no longer exist,
Lands and people that can never be
found again In this world,
But are alive in my heart.
They are alive within me,
And that it is my loving duty

To bear witness
To their life and legacy.

By the Grace of God, the Most Merciful
I was guided through the countries
To appreciate all the details of the life there
That I could see,
Before the devastating flood covered the land.
In this very lifetime
I have witnessed
The vast transformations
Of the earth, the nations, the peoples,
Powerful natural disasters,
As well as wars and oppressions,
All of which elicit
The deepest prayer, supplication,
and compassion.


I met, on the journey, the ancient ones.
And received the gifts that they placed in my hands
Before they left this world, and went
on their way.

What remains of all the places and the people,
That we have met along the way,
After the form of the flower has wilted
And disappeared, back into the earth,
Is the essence of the fragrance,

The essence of the truth that they
imparted to us

In the precious time allotted
Before they left this world,
Leaving us to carry on the work
and the journey.

And the underlying truth revealed
Through all that we are witnessing
and learning
Is, as the Holy Qur’an tells us,
(As difficult as it is for us,
ultimately, to grasp)


“And everything perishes
but the Face of your Lord,
full of Majesty and Glory.”
(Holy Qur’an: 55; 26-27

I pose the question to myself:
How can a creature that will perish
Comprehend this truth?
In every land through which I traveled
In my search,
I found the pieces of a puzzle,
Pieces of beautiful, colored glass.
Piece by piece, every piece found its place

In the stained glass window – my life -
Until, the picture began to be complete.
And then, suddenly the Divine Light,
Nur Muhammadiyyah,
Came shining through,
Illuminating the total picture,
Causing my soul to proclaim,
“What a wonder!
So that is what it was all about!”


I followed the map
Only God gave me,
And was led from one situation and station

To the next,
From one Teacher to the next,
Everywhere, in every land and in every state,
In every holy place and gathering,
Collecting clues and messages,
Following the guidance
As, it was given.

Thus, step- by- step
Through the stages of awakening,
The stages of acceptance, understanding,
and healing,
I followed the light of guidance
To its Source and End.
I came to see
That, behind every veil,
Is the One, who sees all,
And behind every occurrence
Is the Hand that moves all,
And not a leaf falls,
But He knows it
And He wills it.


What makes every detail
Of this story sacred and significant,
Is that He willed it.

These are the messages, the gifts
That the Creator, Most Kind, gave to me
As He drew me
Through the veils of karmic bondage
Into the light, the liberation,
Of submission and divine peace.

Along the way,
I came to see
That it is not my business
To judge the people
That I happened to meet along the way,
They are all instruments of my awakening,
Just as I, am an instrument of theirs.

We see, as we continue to travel
In the way of God,
That there are no accidents
Or mistakes.


Every stone that we walk on,
Every piece of ground that we cover
Is a part of the Way, itself.
And every stage,
Every new level of awareness
Is a preparation for the one,
which will follow it.

To reach each new step,
We must let go of the one that went before it.
The past is gone.
We must let it go.
The person that we thought we were
Is like water in the river that has passed by.
What is awaiting us, at every stage of the journey,
Is an unlimited new dimension of awareness,
That we cannot attain, except by letting go
Of at least some of the false concepts and patterns
That we had been dragging along with us
And, are now, ready to release.

Sometimes the veils are washed away
In the rain of Divine Mercy,
And sometimes, they are burned away
In the fire, of Divine Love.


Moment by Moment,
Stage by stage,
The divine alchemy,
If we are willing and able to go through
The complete process,
Is powerful and intense.

Sometimes we wish we could get out of that fire,
And just go for a pleasant walk in the park.
But we are like fetuses in the divine womb
And we cannot come out of the fire
Until, we are gold.

Just as the baby becomes perfectly formed
In the womb
And then, exactly at the right moment, emerges –
What an amazing divine process!
Like this, does our soul - the purified life –
Emerge from the crucible
Radiant with the light of God,
Its own true nature.


Such is the nature of the profound process
Of transformation, and once we have begun,
We must go all the way through
That deep tunnel,
Like the birth canal.
We cannot turn back.

As difficult as it seems to be
To carry on, from time to time,
What an amazing journey it is -
The journey of unveiling,
The journey of the opening of our inner eye!
What I saw, in the beginning,
Through a glass, darkly,
Is becoming,
Through the process of unveiling,
Brilliantly clear.

In truth, what I saw was always perfectly clear.
It was I who was obscured
And could see it only through
The densities of veils.

But the truth within me
Was magnetically drawn to the truth
In whatever form it was hidden.


Every where I traveled,
I searched for the treasures –
The Divine Attributes and Messages,
And found them in every land
Manifesting in different people and places,
More, or less clearly.

Wherever I saw them,
Sometimes, even, hidden in the dust,
I recognized their great value
And collected them into my heart,
Saying, “This is what I was looking for!”

And, thus, through traveling for the
sake of God,
Has the heart of the seeker for truth
Been restructured in the form of truth
For as we gather the treasures
of Divine Knowledge
Into our heart, in truth, we become united with
That, for which we have been seeking.


I sought my Beloved
Everywhere that He led me,
And there was not a moment in the journey
Of my seeking Him
That He was not with me.
No doubt, I felt it,
And my heart was warmed and enflamed
By His nearness,
And yet, I had to continue to travel,
For years and years,
Penetrating the veils.

As close as He was,
I could not find Him and know Him,
Until, I came to know myself.

But, what is this knowing?
Knowing myself in Him
Is to be the drop
That disappears in the Ocean.



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